Elk Grove Museum

As for someone who lives in Elk Grove I did not think that this town had any historical attributes but that all changed when I found Elk Groves Museum. It goes back to the beggining of how the town was founded and how it evolved over the many years. The museum is opened all year round and they do tours around the building which just shows the dedication and care of all the people who work there. It has many exhibits to see, as we get to see the progression of the city of elk grove transform over the many years. They are displayed in many different paintings, photographs, and artifacts scattered around the building, plus some of them even include a brief little audio track to listen to.

The museum of Elk Grove holds many collectables that have been donated through out the years and are still being collected to this very day They are not just collecting artifacts or paintings but stories as well. They are very intrested in the stories of the citizens of this town, and its nice to see them appriciate them. The museum will take anyone to help out as a volunteer no matter who they are or what skills they posses. This is another great thing about the museum is how they take care of the community as they will higher anyone to come and help out.